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HC301 Multifunction dosing pump

Product no.: AD3103002 (FlowRate-pressure: 30L/h - 2bar)
£671.60 / unit(s)
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HC301 is a multifunctional electronic solenoid driven dosing pump that has several electronic options and incorporates electronic frequency control. Constant mode: enables you to select the exact number of strokes, between 1-120 strokes per minute, per hour or per day. Pulse Mode: proportional modes available under water meter reed impulses, 1xN pulse multiplication, 1xN (M) with pulse time management N:1 water meter pulse division. mA mode: The pump will pump in response to an external 4-20 milliamp signal. There are also 2 set points for creating your own dosing bandwidth. Timer mode: Controlled via 24Hr 7 day timer with 8 On/Off functions

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