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Chemical & Hygiene Dosing Systems

Chemical & Hygiene Dosing Systems

AQUA is proud to present its new range of products and accessories for cleaning and hygiene market. Single peristaltic pumps for the automatic dosing of a single chemical for a variety of applications, dosing detergent and rinse-aid into small glasswashers and dishwashers machines, housekeeping, food service, food processing, laundry and car wash, work-bench disinfection, dosage of aggressive products.

Double pumps, controlled by microprocessor, properly designed for every type of dishwasher machines, single tank or tunnels; electromagnetic dosing pumps studied for the cleaning market having specific performances; cleaning and sanitizing spray systems and accessories for dishwashers machines.

Self-priming peristaltic pumps, driven by alternating or direct current motors, different sizes of peristaltic tubes, in Santoprene, Pharmed®, or Silicone, and also in Tygon®, according to the chemical being dosed.

The solenoid pumps, equipped with manual bleed valve, have as a standard Polypropylene pumps’ head, PTFE diaphragm, Dutral ® or Viton® seals and double pyrex balls in suction/delivery valves.
The cleaning and sanitizing spray systems are equipped with approved backflow prevention to avoid any possible water pollution due the chemical
backflow, all in accordance to the European laws and legislation.

Easy installation, use and maintenance, heavy duty capability are the main advantages of the cleaning stations, which are supplied in reinforced Polypropylene or ABS and offering an IP protection degree suitable for the most common conditions of operation

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TEC-R Warewashing detergent pump
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