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BMS Level float switch

Product no.: A5060070 (Cable-length: 20Mt)
£45.44 / unit(s)
Price plus VAT, plus delivery

The "heavy weight" in the heavy duty float switches, is usually used in control and automation of electrical devices. Thanks to ist particular shape, it assures a very good floating performance, and the double isolation chamber (2 bodies) grants the maximum reliability in waste water, mud, slime and aggressive liquid use. The BMS level switch is made in compliance with CE normatives; all its components are subject to severe and continuous tests. Single function devise: Either filling or emptying.

Selection: BMS Level float switch

Product no. Cable-length Price
A5060050 10Mt £35.44 / unit(s) *
A5060070 20Mt £45.44 / unit(s) *
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery

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