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HC151+ Multifunction dosing pump

Product no.: AD9710001 (Flow-Rate-Pressure: 2L/h - 8bar)
£368.55 / unit(s)
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HC151+ is a constant & proportional flow rate solenoid driven dosing pump, supplied as standard with PTFE diaphragm, PTFE balls and Viton seals and the pump operates up to 180 pulses /minute. Designed for either continuous or intermittent operation, they are a reliable means of conveying strong chemicals under precise control into water treatment and process systems. Constant mode: enables you to select the exact number of strokes, between 0-100% via 132 x 56 Pulse Mode: proportional modes available under water meter reed impulses, 1xN pulse multiplication with new adaptive dosing feature. N:1 water meter pulse division. mA mode: The pump will pump in response to an external 4-20 milliamp signal. There are also 2 set points for creating your own dosing bandwidth. Timer mode: Controlled via 24Hr 7 day timer with up to 8 independent programs can be set for each day of the week.

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Product no. Flow-Rate-Pressure Price
AD9710001 2L/h - 8bar £368.55 / unit(s) *
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