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HC200 PH/RX Dosing pump

Product no.: AD230418 (FlowRate-pressure: 4L/h - 18bar)
£634.54 / unit(s)
Price plus VAT, plus delivery

HC200 PH/RX electronic solenoid driven dosing pump has an integral pH/Rx controller with a single control set point which monitors the pH or redox level of water. Its main purpose is to operate the pump if the chemical reading goes above or below the set point. This set point can be adjusted and features a digital display of the value at all times. A connection to the electrode is made via BNC connector. The pump incorporates a mechanical stroke length adjustment feature enabling precise dosing control. Digital Control: The pump can operate above or below a pH or Redox set point as on/off or in proportional mode, and has a 0-100% frequency control. Stroke length adjustment: A further adjustment is available by means of a manual stroke length control knob 0-100%.

Selection: HC200 PH/RX Dosing pump

Product no. FlowRate-pressure Price
AD230418 4L/h - 18bar £634.54 / unit(s) *
Product data sheet
AD230909 9L/h - 9bar £634.54 / unit(s) *
Product data sheet
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery
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