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High pressure filter housing

Product no.: A3020010
£116.65 / unit(s)
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The AQUA High pressure F03 line filter housings are of 3 piece design and are available in 5 & 9 ¾” sizes. The heads are made with female inlet/outlet threads, in brass and brass blow off valve or ¼” connection points for pressure gauge fitting. The F03 line is suitable for products used in the semi-professional and professional sector, where excellent performance is required due to the presence of chemicals and high working pressures and temperatures All containers are designed to hold standard filter cartridges measuring 5, & 9 ¾, depending on port size, and are wall mountable. All housings come without cartridges; bracket & spanner, a full range of options are available upon request.

Additional product information

Inlet-Outlet 3/4"
Housing-Length 5"

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