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HC100 on/off dosing pump

Product no.: AD1000207 (FlowRate-pressure: 2L/h - 7bar)
£206.40 / unit(s)
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The HC100 is a solenoid driven dosing pump, diaphragm actuated, for standard duties where a constant dosing operation with a reliable performance is required. Designed for either continuous or intermittent operation, they are a reliable means of conveying strong chemicals under precise control into water treatment and process systems. They operate on the well proven principle of electromagnetic drive, with electronic frequency control. Their frequency (stroking speed) is adjustable in 2 speed ranges selectable via a two position switch which is also mounted on the facia. Constant mode: The pump flow rate is adjusted via a stroke frequency knob. The pump will constantly perform the dosing operation according to the flow rate selector by the selected frequency Double scale adjustment: For accurate control of flow, a pump pulses reduction selector from 0-100% & 0-20%.

Selection: HC100 on/off dosing pump

Product no. FlowRate-pressure Price
AD1000207 2L/h - 7bar £206.40 / unit(s) *
Product data sheet
AD1000405 4L/h - 5bar £206.40 / unit(s) *
Product data sheet
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