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Large diameter FA Wound sediment filter cartridge

Product no.: A4281150
£14.42 / unit(s)
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The AQUA FA-line is our polypropylene wound cartridge, part of the depth and deforming cartridge series. They are manufactured using only 100% pure non-toxic polypropylene yarn. This series offers an excellent ratio between cost and quality, even though usually referred to as “economic type” they are produced so as to guarantee a high nominal filtration level. The yarns appearance is uniform, homogenous and very strong. This allows a very compact construction of the cartridge, and through a precise pattern mounting, it will achieve a remarkable increase in the filtration surface, therefore as a consequence, an increase in cartridge life. The inside core of the filter is rigid and in polypropylene which guarantees stability. Lengths available are range from 9"3/4, 20", 30" and micron range from 1 to 50

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