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FR-E sediment filter cartridge

Product no.: A4260270
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The Aqua FR-E series, is a breakthrough in technology granting an interesting option to our outstanding FR-N series. Because of our melt-blown fabrication and procedure, these FR-E series grant a true compromise for those applications that require a just price/quality performance ratio. During the manufacturing phase, and without an internal core, these cartridges grant a perfect and compact resistance of filtration. Although an economical compromise, the soul element of these cartridges allow an exceptional performance when compared to the standard abundance supplied by competitors. Thanks to the method of fabrication and experience gained with our exceptional FR-N series, this series offer a mere absence of particle media loss. Vast chemical compatibility thanks to being made only from 100% pure polypropylene, insuring nearly infinite applications laboratory tests show that this series are guaranteed to give at least 80% efficiency of stated particle size confirming its perfect price/quality ratio.

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