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Large diameter FR-N Melt blown depth filter cartridge

Product no.: A4270100
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Aqua depth cartridges FR-N series are designed to obtain a high efficiency and filtration of various liquids having impurities. Using only 100% pure polypropylene, they are manufactured through state of the art technology. They are generally used in applications that require extremely high quality filtration. During the manufacturing process the polypropylene is mixed with compressed hot air. Then it is stratified on a rigid polypropylene core through a continuous and constant rotating movement. This process infuses and intersects the polypropylene fibres amongst themselves. This creates the so called “Depth cartridge” guaranteeing a uniform filtration along the entire surface of the cartridge. The polypropylene fibres used are of the highest quality, so when processed at high temperatures weld them together eliminating any possibility of losing particles or residuals. The FR-N cartridges are fully tested to achieve at least 95% filtration efficiency. The range is available from 1 to 50 micron and standard lengths from 9 ¾” to 30”. The cartridges are made up as one whole piece no matter what length.

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