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Large diameter RLA washable net filter cartridge

Product no.: A4030510
£24.50 / unit(s)
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The AQUA RLA-line is our washable net cartridge, and are called surface cartridges and have a non-deforming structure. The inside core is manufactured using Talc filled polypropylene and a nylon net is welded. The homogenous Net has physical and mechanical characteristics. The square mesh allows a uniform flow along all the surface of the cartridge itself thus minimizes the possibility of clogging. Manufactured using monofilament fibres that enable uniform openings, it also allows accurate capacity of filtration while avoiding pressure drop, and thanks to its smooth surface it is very easy to wash. The washable net cartridges give a nominal filtration with efficiency of 80%. When properly utilized, they can be used over and over again maintaining a constant efficiency. They are available in standard large diameter 9"3/4”, 20”, 30" and have micron ratings of 80 & 250.

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